Tears streamed down both their faces. Dan pleaded with his mother Del to leave him. “Please mom, just pack your stuff and let’s go.” He cupped her hands with his, and stared straight into her eyes, into her soul. She stared back with her hazel-colored eyes at his tawny face.

I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t bear the thought of him being free while Sofia lay six feet under; decaying, as the world moved on. She didn’t deserve it — what had she done? Why would anyone kill such a beautiful woman? And that cop, that fucking liar! He said…

News of the arrest spread like wildfire. “Vissarion has been arrested, Vissarion has been arrested.” Yelled the young boy from atop a bucket in the middle of the village square. People gathered around him, waiting for more news. Suddenly, I was surrounded by people. I began to tap my foot…

Danny Contreras

Part-time writer with a lot of ideas.

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